Monday, October 15, 2007

WTF, RealityRox.TV, and SHIT!

Those few of you that know me know the trials and tribulations of the business I am in. Last week we feverishly launched a new website, . We launched it with the Spike Network on a show called Casino Cinema. The host we selected to launch the show was Playboy Playmate Stephanie Heinrich. Stephanie launched and discussed on October 8, 2007.

Today, after looking a little closer into our stats for the site, we noticed that Stephanie received a ranking on Googles hottest trends. She was ranked number 16 on the trends list. ranked 68th. A little further research determined that both Stephanie and RealityRox made some waves on bloggers hot trends lists, and Miss Heinrich even ranked number 2 on a few!

I just thought you would be interested in what an impact was made on that one day of the launch. Pretty cool to know that many people at least had a minimal interest! Guess the advertisers are happy!